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Title: The impact of organizational factors on the creative performance of employees
Other Titles: , Case study of Cuban Doctors in Public Hospitals in South-East Algeria
Authors: بوجمعة عوني
إلياس بن ساسي
Keywords: Organizational factors
Creative performance
Cuban doctors
Public hospitals
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2019
Series/Report no.: V6 N2 /Dec 2019 (11);
Abstract: This study aims to reveal the impact of organizational factors represented in its dimensions: (organizational structure; physical work environment; leadership style; administrative communication; wages and incentives; training) on ​​the creative performance of Cuban doctors working in public hospitals in south-east Algeria. To achieve this goal, a descriptive analytical approach was adopted, where the questionnaire was distributed to random sample size (37) Cuban doctors distributed: (Ophthalmology hospitals; maternity hospitals; hospital centers for cancer treatment). The results of the statistical analysis using SPSS_23 showed a set of results, the most important of which are: The reality of the level of organizational factors was average in its entirety and does not contribute to improving the creative performance of doctors in public hospitals. While the level of creative performance of Cuban doctors was high, the study also demonstrated a weak relationship between the organizational factors combined and the creative performance of Cuban doctors. While each dimension of the organizational factors did not have a correlation in improving creative performance, the results also showed that there were no statistically significant differences in the study sample answers about the level of creative performance attributed to personal variables.
Description: Algerian Review of Economic Development ( ARED )
ISSN: 5302/2392
Appears in Collections:Number 11 Déc 2019 / V 6 N 2

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