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Title: Développement & étude de raccordement des puits de la région de Gassi -Touil
DAHEM, Mohammed Elamine
DOUAIR, Zakaria
Issue Date: 20-Sep-2019
Abstract: The study of reservoir since the discovery of a productive layer, aims to establish a development project that will seek to optimize the recovery of hydrocarbons within the framework of a given economic policy. Our work consists in studying the development of TOUAL-BRIDES and GASSI EL ADEM fields of the Gassi Touil region, for the optimal exploitation of the reservoirs and gives in particular the estimate of:  Hydrocarbon volume initially in place.  Potential production of wells.  Design of the network to link the new wells of the project to the existing CPF. To do this: In Chapter I, first we present the reservoirs, and after that a PVT study is presented to determine the volumetric characteristics as well as the change of state of the reservoir fluids. In Chapter II, an assessment of the gas reserves initially in place was carried out by two methods (volumetric and material balance). Using nodal analysis, a sensitivity study on the well losses of the wells is presented in chapter III, whose aim is to identify a well model necessary for the prediction of the production and to predict the flow rate of production. In Chapter IV, we carried out the well production optimization study and the network modeling, after the reserves were estimated and the wells model was validated.
Description: REPUBLIQUE ALGERIENNE DEMOCRATIQUE ET POPULAIRE MINISTERE DE L’ENSEIGNEMENT SUPERIEUR ET DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE UNIVERSITE KASDI MERBAH – OUARGLA Faculté des Hydrocarbures Energies Renouvelables et Science de la Terre et de l’Univers N° Série: ………./2019 Département de production des hydrocarbures Mémoire de fin d’études en vue de l’obtention du diplôme de Master Option : Production
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