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Title: role of tourism media in marketing Algeria as a tourist destination
Other Titles: practice study on a sample of tourism agencies in Batna
Authors: يوسف مقعاش
محمد قارش
Keywords: tourism, marketing
tourist destination
tourism media
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2020
Abstract: This article addresses one of the most important issues in the tourism sector institutions, and in the marketing of tourist destination as a basic process in rising the tourism sector across the different active institutions in the field of tourism in Algeria, through the tourism media, which is the main way in the marketing of the destination Algeria tourist various of tourists whether local or foreign, which is roomier Algeria through the tourist agencies to market and promote the destination tourist of Algeria, especially with pluralism media tourist. In this context, this study come To highlight on some factors and the Basic Rules of the marketing of the destination tourist of Algeria through the different of tourism media, has been using descriptive analytical method in this study used the questionnaire in the field side, which was distributed to the tourist agencies targeted the directors of tourist agencies, managers and where the capacity of a number of tourist agencies 23 agencies, has confirmed the results of the study on the relationship Connectivity between the marketing of tourist destination and media tourist through the point of view of directors of tourist agencies, and we argue that the value of the correlation coefficients (R) equal 0.79
Description: Revue des Sciences Sociales et Humaines
Appears in Collections:numéro 42 SSH V12 N2 B 2020

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