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Title: Civilized positioning, Cultural Robbery and Their Effects
Authors: بن محمد اللقاني
بلقاسم محمد
Keywords: positioning
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2020
Series/Report no.: numéro 42 SSH V12 N2 B;
Abstract: The presents study aims at uncovering one aspect of the sociological, philosophical and ideological anchors which governed the relationship between the Arab ego and the European other as well as displaying the positioning idea existing in the folds of western thought speeches which express such thought bounds that enabled a realization of a cultural robbery through installing a pure picture for self. By the other hand, it excludes margin; this fakes up a confused picture for it and we wonder, are we obliged to believe in this excluding theory? If the answer is negative , what is the solution in the shade of this accelerated development of the European other in different levels? Finally, are we about to take an Islamic Arabic project so as to exit swagger status through healing the civilized crack and acknowledging the cultural identity
Description: Revue des Sciences Sociales et Humaines
ISSN: 2170-1121
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