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Title: The main sources of information on infant mortality in Algeria
Keywords: Infant mortality
data sources
vital registration
sample surveys
Health statistics
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2020
Series/Report no.: numéro 42 SSH V12 N2 A;
Abstract: This article discusses the major sources of data on infant mortality in Algeria and presents statistics derived from these sources in order to evaluate its completeness and compare the results obtained and conclusions based on the exploitation of each data source. In this paper we try to describe the different data sources which are available in Algeria. We also reveal that quantities of data potentially useful are gathered. In Algeria, registration of vital events, regular periodic censuses, national sample surveys and health statistics are the most well-known sources of data for infant mortality analysis, but many of them aren’t subjected to analysis. Some of these information’s are very useful for the study of infant mortality tendencies. Any problems of interpretation are often arising because the statistics which are usually collected by health services present bias that sometimes it is difficult to eliminate. As clear from the comparison of these different sources that each of them has advantages and inconveniences
Description: Revue des Sciences Sociales et Humaines
ISSN: 2170-1121
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