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Title: شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي وانعكاساتها على العلاقات الاجتماعية الأسرية من وجهة عينة من المتزوجات
Other Titles: دراسة استكشافية ببلدة الزقم- بولاية الوادي- الجزائر
Authors: سليمة ذياب
الأزهر ضيف
Keywords: Social networks
Modern family
Family social relations
Family interaction
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2020
Series/Report no.: numéro 43 SSH V12 N3 A;
Abstract: This study explores the implications of social networks for family social relations, as it is a new social phenomenon that has invaded most families: it can be a tool for demolition or construction .The study focused on a fundamental question: how much use of social networks to determine the nature of relationships within the family ?, The study used the descriptive approach and the questionnaire form; it was completed with a sample of (80) married women whose members use social communication networks from the city of Al-Zoukam-Al-Wadi-Algeria Due to the objectives of the study, the sample "ball Snow "or" cumulative sample "was used between (1 March 2019 and 1 May 2019) .The statistical methods used were limited to the percentage The concrete results of this study indicate that the excessive use of the social network on the individual's obligations within the family is a reflection of his language of interaction within the family structure and leads to the isolation of the spouses despite their official presence in a house. Causes them to engage in a virtual world that causes them psychological disorders and eventually to establish illegal relationships
Description: Revue des Sciences Sociales et Humaines
ISSN: 2170-1121
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