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Title: Phreatic aquifer water upwelling: causes, consequences and remedies
Authors: ABBA, Alia Basma
BACHI, Oum Elkheir
SAGGAÏ, Sofiane
Keywords: phreatic aquifer
water upwelling
mega project
Issue Date: 15-Oct-2019
Publisher: Université Kasdi Merbah Ouargla
Abstract: Ouargla has suffered a lot from water upwelling that has affected negatively human and environment. The present paper consists in presenting the quality of phreatic aquifer water, exposing the causes of water upwelling, consequences of the rise of water level over the surface ground and impacts of the mega project of fight against the water upwelling that has been realized between the end of 2006 and 2009. Obtained results from the comparison between stats of phreatic aquifer before and after works have shown that there were a positive impacts in the Ouargla city center: downwelling of phreatic aquifer water, reduction in salt concentration and elimination of nitrate nitrogen...
Description: Séminaire International sur l′Hydrogéologie et l′Environnement SIHE 2019 Ouargla
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