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Title: Caractérisation Géochimique Et Géométrique du Système Aquifère du Sahara Algéro-Tunisienne : Cas du Complexe Terminal de Région des chotts
Authors: Halassa, Younes
Zeddouri, Aziez
Kechiched, Rabah
Ould Baba Sy, Mouhamadou
Benhamida, Abdeldjebbar Slimane
Keywords: Chotts Region
Chadha diagram
Groundwater mineralization
Geochemical evolution processes
Issue Date: 15-Oct-2019
Publisher: Université Kasdi Merbah Ouargla
Abstract: Major ion geochemistry, Chadha diagram, saturation indexes, correlations between physico-chemical parameters and hydrochemistry evolution; were used to identify the origins and processes of groundwater mineralization in multilayer system aquifers in the southern part of the of chotts region mining district (Algerian-Tunisian border). The results suggest that the shallow groundwater in the study area are mineralized salt waters. More than 91% of samples characterized by water type Ca-Mg-SO4/Cl, and the other samples are characterized by water type Na_Cl. As illustrated by the Chadha diagram. The relationships between TDS and major ions are useful for interpreting the main hydro geochemical evolution processes in an aquifer. For cations, there is a good correlation between Na⁺ and TDS (R²=0.67), and the correlation of Ca²⁺ and Mg²⁺ with TDS is good, with R²= 0.30 and R²= 0.5, respectively. For anions, SO₄²⁻ and TDS have the highest correlation R²=0.5 followed by the correlation between Cl⁻ and TDS (R²= 0.4)....
Description: Séminaire International sur l′Hydrogéologie et l′Environnement SIHE 2019 Ouargla
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