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Title: The importance of cleaner production in the cement industry
Authors: Louafi Ala Eddine
Boutora Fadila
Keywords: Cement industry
Cleaner Production
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2020
Series/Report no.: volume 7 n 2 2020;
Abstract: This study aims to find out the effective role of cleaner production in the industry Cement, the study showed that cleaner production plays an important role in the industry due to its positive effects in reducing pollution and preserving resources and preventing waste, as well as reducing emissions and generating waste, the study found that cement material is a vital and necessary material where it helps in construction work, Cleaner production is a systematically structured approach to production activities, with positive effects on the environment, including minimizing the use of resources, improving ecological efficiency and reducing the risks to living organisms, as well as cleaner production playing a role. Important in industry by reducing pollution, preserving resources, preventing waste, and reducing emissions and generating waste... And others, In the end, the study recommended the need to review the policies of industrial enterprises to reduce pollution, rationalize energy use, rationalize the consumption of natural resources and seek renewable alternatives, avoid the use of toxic and hazardous substances in production and manufacturing processes, as well as reduce emissions and residues in Various stages of manufacturing, production and use through recycling and recycling of waste, with the need to modify the techniques used in manufacturing and production processes and use modern environmentally friendly technologies such as cleaner production
Description: Algerian review of economic development
ISSN: 2392-5302
Appears in Collections:Number 13 Déc 2020 / V 7 N 2

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