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Title: Social Peacebuilding Measures After The Popular Movement Of February 22 9102 In Algeria *
Authors: بوفنيك بحوص
رمضان عبد المجيد
Keywords: social peace
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2021
Series/Report no.: Volume 13, Numéro 1 2021;
Abstract: The popular movement of february22 ,2019in Algeria was a reaction refusing the fifth mandate of the president Bouteflika which his previous mandates were caracterised by a weak development,misaltocation of wealth, theft of the countrys goods by a minority , the spread of corruption and inhibiting freedoms. Algerian people went out in marches all over the country. The algerian regime took some measures in order to rebuild the social peace and absorb the anger of population. These measures were not sufficient to end the popular movement if it were not for the corona virus crisis(covid19) that stopped the course of the protests calling for a radical change . Also,the global epidemic crisis coincided with the drop in oil prices in the beginning of the year2020 which will affect the fullfilment of the obligations of the government
Description: دفاتر السياسة والقانون
ISSN: 1112- 9808
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