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Title: A ffemalle priissoner narrattiion iin massculliine conssciience fform
Authors: ازانة بوغراس
Keywords: female prisoner writing
biography of Ashes
female biography in the masculine form
female literature
male dominance
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2021
Series/Report no.: Vol 7, N 2 2021;
Abstract: The body is prepared in so many different languages, so the human body multiplies in order to express its components and the whims of its soul. His readings are also various in the different domaines of work, and the techniques and tools that they impose throughout history, ideology and the imaginary. It is the world that awakens in us all forms of dealing with the theme of the body and the connotations that arouse in us the desire to shift from one domain toanother, from the world of mono-deaf to the realm of dualism and the contrast between what is existing and what is possible and a semantic between what the body raises in terms of ecstasy that renews the vision and what is inanimate that kills all that is aesthetic. Artistic and human pleasure, it becomes a body engulfed in eroticism, limited to awakening wishes and desires only. The rhetoric of the narrative and the description revealed these defects in the dissemination of the self / the female and the contradictions and utopias in it and the rejection of the stereotyping and imitation imposed by the collective symbolic thought within new narrative constructions, artistic textual spaces and a language that we have enjoyed in its softness and femininity at times, and inflicts us with its cruelty and bitterness at other times, in a blatant and dismissive expression. "The Linguistic arbitrarines "- if you will - to embrace another type of writing that re-reads reality and experience with a different psyche and with different thinking and awareness. She portrayed its reality and the reality of the Arab man: self, environment, language, culture, dreams and failures
Description: Revue Makalid
ISSN: 2253-0029
Appears in Collections:Vol 7, N 2 2021

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