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Authors: MOUSSA DIT KALAMOU Mahamadou
YAMBA Boubacar
Keywords: Migration
food and land insecurity
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2020
Series/Report no.: volume 10 numéro 2 2020;
Abstract: Due to its strategic position between North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, Niger is a land of intense mobility through the departure and transit of many migrants whose flow came from all West African countries. The geopolitical context is currently dominated by insecurity in the eastern part of the country and the north of neighbouring Nigeria (war imposed by the Boko Haram nebula) ; and the instability of the border countries to the West (Mali) and to the North (Libya) push the populations to seek refuge by migrating massively (more than 60% of migrants towards the Maghreb and Europe pass through Niger according to the International Organization for Migration) and irregularly towards the big mining cities of the North of Niger (Agadez, Arlit, Djado and Dirkou) which are the gateways to the North African country and then to the Mediterranean in order to reach the European countries. In addition to all these security problems, there is the problem of food and land insecurity which forces rural populations such as those in the Tahoua region to migrate for a temporary or seasonal exodus which will end in a long term migration by dint of a taste for adventure. Rural people who face cyclical deficits imposed by climate change are looking for household well-being and food supplements. This article deals with the exodus which will be considered as a local migration and at the same time an initiation to regional and intercontinental migration. It will highlight the socio-economic impacts of exodus acting on households in the region of Tahoua in Niger.
Description: Algerian journal of arid environment
ISSN: 2170-1318
Appears in Collections:volume 10 numéro 2 2020

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