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Title: Mathematical Integer Programming for a One Machine Scheduling Problem
Authors: Samia Ourari1, 2 and Cyril Briand2 , and Brahim Bouzouia1
Keywords: Mathematical Integer Programming
Machine Scheduling Problem
Issue Date: 19-Dec-2013
Abstract: . This paper considers the problem of scheduling n jobs on a single machine. A fixed processing time and an execution interval are associated with each job. Preemption is not allowed. The objective is to find a feasible job sequence that minimizes the number of tardy jobs. On the basis of an original mathematical integer programming formulation, this paper shows how both good-quality lower and upper bounds can be computed. Numerical experiments on Baptiste et al.’s instances are provided, which demonstrate the efficiency of the approach.
Description: 7 ieme Colloque sur l Optimisation et les Systèmes d’Information COSI 2010 18-20 Avril 2010
ISSN: kh
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