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dc.contributor.advisorBOUMAZA, Mourad-
dc.contributor.authorBOUALATI, yamina-
dc.descriptionphysique énergétique-
dc.description.abstractSolar distillation is one of the most simple and economical way of separation processes as well as the production of water. The application of this method is most appropriate for the south of Algeria because the most important elements which are needed are available (salted water, solar energy). The choice of the distiller is basically based on the characteristics of its operation, particularly the study of the quantity of distilled water as well as the internal and the total efficiencies of two distillers chosen in this study (simple effect, multiple effect). In this project, a mathematical model has been developed, this was based on the energy balances of the two distillers. The mathematical methods (Newton-Raphson et Gauss) for the resolution of models have been used, while a Program using Fortran language has been elaborated in order to obtain some results. The results permitted to : Locate the external climatic parameters that decreases or increases the quantity of distilled water as well as the internal and the total efficiencies of a solar distiller. Determine the influence of the variation of the relations used in this study on the characteristics of the function of the solar distiller. Carry out a comparison between the characteristics of the two distillers(simple effect, multiple effect).en_US
dc.subjectSolar energyen_US
dc.subjectSolar distillationen_US
dc.subjectSimple effecten_US
dc.subjectMultiple effecten_US
dc.subjectDistilled wateren_US
dc.titleInvertigation sur la performance d'un distillateur solaireen_US
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