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Title: الأنساق الوزنية للموشح الجزائري
Authors: نجاحي نجلاء
Keywords: الأنساق الوزنية
موشح الجزائري
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Series/Report no.: numéro 20 2014;
Abstract: The mouachahats are appared in the arabic littérature was the response to the nessity of a stylistic and a conséquence of the openness of the arabe culture withe other foreign culturs. The same factors wich are apparear mouachahats in the algerian littérature . The mouachahats are caracterised releven rythmique exprimed the hight artistic raffinité of culture at algerian poèts . So wat are effective means by wich poèts possess have to get rid of monotony of poètic measure and realisate of musical versification wich pasures to ensure diversity and armonie and consistency in the rythme ? . And wat are the fromats adopted by algerian poèts for chow the tact and the ability to manipulate the measure ?
Description: Revue Al Athar
ISSN: 1112-3672
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