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Title: Les insectes dans le menu trophique des jeunes du moineau hybride (Passer domesticus x P. hispaniolensis) dans une palmeraie à Filiach (Biskra, Sahara septentrional Est algérien)
(Passer domesticus x P. hispaniolensis)
Authors: Omar GUEZOUL
Mohamed Didi OULD EL HADJ
Salaheddine DOUMANDJI
Makhlouf SEKOUR
Keywords: insects
hybrid sparrows
Issue Date: 2012
Series/Report no.: volume 4 numéro 1 AST 2012;
Abstract: The study of the fledglings diet of the hybrid Sparrow (Passer domesticus x P. hispaniolensis) carried out for the first time in the oasis of Biskra (34° 55` N., 5° 45` E.). The analysis of the stomacaux contents made it possible to identify 872 preys consisted a significant fraction of insects in the fledglings hybrid sparrows belonging to four category of ages (96.7% for the fledglings old hybrid sparrows of first to 3rd day, 95.8 % of 4 to 6 day, 96.7% of 7 to 9 day and 97.4 % of 10 to 12 day). The trophic menu of the fledglings hybrid sparrows is characterized by the predominance of the caterpillars of Lepidoptera preys in particular at fledglings of first category of ages (68.4% of 1 to 3 day and 29.7% of 4th to the 6th day). The unspecified species Lepidoptera sp.1 participle with 44.6% of the first category and 16% of the second category. On the other hand the Coleoptera strongly take part in the food of the 7 to 9 days with 24.8% and 41.6% with for the fledglings of 10 to 12 day. The other orders are slightly represented like Hymenoptera with 14.2% in the fledglings people of 4 to 6 day. They are followed by Orthoptera (10.4%) by the last two class of ages. Isoptera with 10% are consumed by the fledglings of 7 to 9 day. Thus with a rate of 10%, the Diptera of which Cyclorrhapha sp. indeterminated (8.8%) are introduced best by the fledglings hybrid sparrows of 4 to 6 day.
Description: AST Annales des Sciences et Technologie
ISSN: 2170-0672
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