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Title: Activité biologique de l’extrait d’Euphorbia guyoniana (Boiss. & Reut.) (Euphorbiaceae) sur les larves du cinquième stade et sur les adultes de Schistocerca gregaria (Forskål, 1775) (Orthoptera-Acrididae)
Authors: Abdellah KEMASSI
Zakaria BOUAL
Mohamed Didi OULD EL HADJ
Keywords: S. gregaria
Acridifuges plants
Extract Euphorbia guyoniana
Issue Date: 2010
Series/Report no.: volume 2 numéro 1 AST 2010;
Abstract: The study focuses on the biological activity of Euphorbia guyoniana (Euphorbiaceae) extract, on larvae L5 and adults of Schistocerca gregaria. The Larvaes L5 and adults of S. gregaria made in presence of cabbage leaves sprayed with the extract of the leaves of E. guyoniana lost respectively 26,93 % and 33,09% of their initial weight. Meanwhile, the larvae L5 fed on leaves of cabbage leaf extract of E. guyoniana could not do their fledging Moreover, larval mortality of 100% was noted after the 14th day, and after the 30th day, 66,67 % of adults died. The evaluation of lethal time50 (TL 50) shows that the larvae are most sensitive to the toxics effects than adults. The less TL50 for the larvae is 10,51 days for E. guyoniana extracts and 20,02 days for adults.
Description: AST Annales des Sciences et Technologie
ISSN: 2170-0672
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