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Title: أثر برنامج ترويحي رياضي في تنمية بعض القدرات الإبداعية لدى أطفال الروضة
Authors: عمريو زوهير
يعقوبي فاتح
Keywords: Program recreational
athlete imagination ability
ability fluency ability
originality kindergartners
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Series/Report no.: numéro 16 SSH;
Abstract: Scientists confirm that physical activity and sports is a practice show results in the performance of practical application and need to think about and this is associated with the implementation of the so-called creative production in athletic activity, arguing that "Gross," that the play is nothing but preparation of the child for the serious work of life. This study aimed to look for the impact of the recreational athlete in the development of some of the creative capabilities of kindergarten children represented mainly in (the ability of the imagination, the ability of fluency, the ability of originality) was used experimental method for two samples homogeneous in terms of numbers, as well as in terms of the characteristics of morphological, psychological and physical. Use Test Torrence of creative thinking among kindergarten children in this study, the sample consisted of two groups, one experimental and the other officer where Each group consisted of tounty (20) students are studying the role of incubation, and the most important results reached that most of the children have a great capacity of the imagination compared to originality and the ability of this Mitfq with a lot of scientific research and studies that came in this area while the children's ability to fluency was comparable between the two samples because the age of the children allows the growth of this ability.
Description: Revue des Sciences Sociales et Humaines
ISSN: 2170-1121
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