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Title: نمو المفاهيم الرياضية لدى الطفل حسب نظرية جان بياجيه (J.Piaget)
Authors: رحمة صادقــــي
Keywords: نمو المفاهيم الرياضية
لدى الطفل حسب نظرية جان بياجيه (J.Piaget)
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Series/Report no.: number 12 2014
Abstract: We tried through this study to stand on the study of the acquisition and the growth of the mathematical concepts of the child according to the theory of cognitive development to Jean Piaget,who reached through his research to identify three stages of this growth starting by lack of understanding and then stage a partial understanding and down to the stage of full understanding It should be noted here that the pattern of growth is the same to most of the kids , but the difference lies in the age at which children each up to stage of growth, so it has to be an Arabic studies which help to reach to a realistic picture of the growth of mathematical concepts to the Arab Child
Description: Psychological & Educational Studies Review
ISSN: 1112 - 9263
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