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Title: أثر استخدام إستراتيجية الإستقصاء التأمُلي في اكتساب المفاهيم الفيزيائية وتنمية الإتجاهات العلمية لدى طلبة الصف السادس الأساسي في فلسطين.
Authors: زياد محمد قباجة
Keywords: إستراتيجية الإستقصاء التأمُلي
اكتساب المفاهيم الفيزيائية
تنمية الإتجاهات العلمية
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Series/Report no.: numéro 12 2014;
Abstract: The study aimed at investigating the effects ofusing the reflective inquiry strategy on the acquisition of the desired physics concepts and development of scientificattitudes for the 6th grade students. Thesample of the study consisted of(146) 9th grade students(80 males and 66 femalefrom the governmental schools in Bethlehem District/Palestine, which were assigned to experimental and control groups. The instruments used in the study was: physics concepts test and a questionnaire of scientific attitudes. Content validity and reliability were established for both instruments. Data was analyzed using means, standard deviations and (ANCOVA) test. The findings of the study were: A significant difference between the mean scores of the experimental and control groups were found in the test of acquisition of physics concepts in favour of the experimental group. And no significant differences in the acquisition of physics concepts was found due to gender and to the interaction between groups and gender. There are significant differences between the mean scores of the experimental and control groups in the development of scientific attitudesdue to teaching method in favor of the reflective inquiry strategy. And there are no significant differences in development of scientific attitudeswas founddue to gender, and to the interaction between the groups and gender. Based on the finding of this study, incorporating reflective inquiry strategy in teaching science by training in-service science teachers how to use it, and more studies should be conducted to investigate the effect of reflective inquiry strategy in different subjects was recommended. Keywords: reflective inquiry strategy, physics concepts, 6th grade students.
Description: Psychological & Educational Studies Review
ISSN: 1112 - 9263
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