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Title: Impact of international diversification on the characteristics of the financial portfolio "applied study on a Group of financial markets during the period (2010 – 2013
Authors: غالية مليك
هواري سويسي
Keywords: portfolio theory
financial portfolio
international diversification
Jel Classification Codes
C81, G15, G11, F31
Issue Date: 2013
Series/Report no.: numéro 13 2013;
Abstract: The objective of this research is the study the contribution of international diversification in the effective management of the financial portfolios through reducing risk, and realizing a better relationship between return and risk of the portfolio, and the possibility to take advantage of it under the hedging exchange risk .And On this basis, it has been selected and configured a sample study from group of indices in the stock exchanges for the period between 03/06/2010- 04/17/2013 where the analysis and statistical are used. The study concluded that the correlation coefficient and the relative weight of the asset, and hedge exchange risk are key determinants to improve the characteristics of the international portfolio, thus contributing to the effective management of the financial portfolio
Description: Revue El Bahith
ISSN: 1112-3613
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