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Title: Pour une approche interculturelle dans le récit de voyage Le périple de Baldassare d’Amin Maalouf
Authors: ABIDI SAAD, Houda
Keywords: travelogue
Issue Date: 2015
Series/Report no.: 2015;
Abstract: This work is a study of the intercultural dimension in the travelogue, through the work of Amin Maalouf "Baldassare's journey" ("Le périple de Baldassare"). Reading it, leads us to wonder about the manifestations of intercultural as travelogue. This latter, like any literary text, often share the experiences of Man, hopes, thoughts and relationships in the world. To carry out this study, we use the intercultural approach based on concepts related to intercultural namely identity, alterity, multiculturalism, intercultural, cultural mixing and linguistics. It is examining these concepts and to identify a closer view of the corpus.
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