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Title: Impact of the Owner-Manager Type on the Growth of the Algerian SMF - Case of Ouargla For the Period (2011-2014) -
Authors: محمد حافظ بوغابة
عبد الغفور دادن
عبد الوهاب دادن
Keywords: Owner-Manager
Culture Owner-Manager
Growth of an institution
Internal Growth
Issue Date: 2017
Series/Report no.: Number 03 2017;
Abstract: This study deals with the problem of determining the owner-manager patterns of the PLC. Algeria and its impact on growth, where about 120 questionnaires were distributed to the owners of the bank. In the region of Ouargla, in which they have the status of Director, and retrieved 32 forms, which we considered as the study sample, and treated them using a combination of financial analysis tools and ACM. The results of the analysis, based on the approach of Marchesnay and Julien (1987-1996), found that the existence of six categories of the owner-manager and the impact of the latter's culture on management and management varied the results of the above institutions from their growth perspective.
Description: Journal of Quantitative Economics Studies JQES
ISSN: 2437-1033
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