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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The impact of Job Security on the Organizational Commitment in Algeria Telecom -Laghouatربيعة كيرد; عائشة صفراني
2021The Impact of the Success Factors of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System on Knowledge Management Processesمحمد زيادي; الطاهر خامرة
2021The role of research and development activities in activating the product's technological creativityنادية عواريب; السايح بوزيد
2021الابداع المفتوح: مقاربة جدیدة للمؤسسة بين حتمية التبني وتحدیات تطبيقها مؤسسيا عرض لبعض التجارب الدولية new approach to the institution between the inevitability of adoption and application of institutional challenges View some international experiencesفارس قريني; الشيخ الداوي
2021Exploring and modeling the latent factors of open innovation in a sample of Algerian companiesزنادي زينة; عابدي محمد السعيد; زنادي ليليا
2021Knowledge Management and its role in promoting the quality of educational servicesحميدي زقاي; رماس محمد أمين
2021The impact of the success factors of the implementation of the ERP system on improving the performance of Ngaous entreprise for Beverages and preservesنورالدين مزهودة; سلوى تيشات
2021Corporate Governance in the Algerian Business Environmentمفيدة بن عثمان; نورة محمدي
2021Theoretical Frameworks and Models for High Involvement Managementخليل شرقي
2021The Role of E-Governance in Promoting Transparency for Qatar's Private Sectorخولة التركي; موسى علاية; أحمد الماوري; بكيل الزنداني
2021Institutional quality determinants of ICT adoption in Arab countries : empirical studyشادلي شوقي; عبد الرؤوف عباده
2021The impact of the tourism add value on the economic growth outside hydrocarbon sector in Algeriaشوقي ناجم; وسيلة بوفنش
2021Trade openness and economic growth in Libyaحسين فرج الحويج; محمد لحسن علاوي; عطية المهدي الفيتوري
2021Investment vessels and their impact on the performance efficiency of companiesيوسف يخلف; رضا شيته; وليد سالم
2021The investment rule 49%_51% and its role in disrupting foreign direct investment in Algeria during the period (2000_2019)أسماء سي علي; سهام طرشاني
2021Empirical study on consumer satisfaction and loyaltyArrouche Nacera
2021Governance of the Port of Arzew, a Development Challenge in the Western Region of AlgeriaKORBAA Fouad; GADI Ibtissem
2021Analysis of the financial viability of a hypothetical wind power projectDjeghri Billel; Zermane Karim
2021Roe of environmental regulation in the management of solid wastes, in Algeria : case of agrofood companies of the Bejaia’s wilayaGhania Belkadi
2021Les PME-PMI en Mauritanie : Etat de lieu, contribution, contraintes et perspectives SMEs and SMIs in Mauritania: Status, contribution, constraints and prospectsChikh Ghalla; Yacoub Mohamed Moussa
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27