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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2017The Actual Self versus the Expected Self: Beyala’s Dialectical Feminist Discourse in C’est le Soleil qui m’a Brûlée & Tu t’Appelleras TangaMohammed Seghir HALIMI
2009« Altérité, Syncrétisme et Ecriture : Regard Croisée Entre les littératures Africaines et Occidentales » Intitulé de l'Article: The African Writer Between the Alien Language and his SocietyMohammed Seghir HALIMI
Jan-2013Awareness of Domestic Violence in Your Name shall be Tanga: A Beyalean interpretationMohammed Seghir HALIMI
2022The Clash of Identities in John Updike’s Terrorist, Maya Angelou’s All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes, and Philip Roth’s The Human StainMohammed Seghir HALIMI; BOUKERROU, Lamia
2008Existentialism versus Self-awarenessMohammed Seghir HALIMI
2018The Existentialist characters in a Modern Ionesconist world: Mark Twain’s child characters as alternative models to wither away the sustained American social paradox in Saul Bellow’s Dangling man and Ralph Illison’s Invisible ManMohammed Seghir HALIMI; Ilham Chaabi
2018The Human Essence and the Sense of Absurdity in Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and Camus’ The Myth of SisyphuMohammed Seghir HALIMI; Idris El-Mahdi Dadene; Aboubakar Mihoubi
2018The Human Essence and the Sense of Absurdity in Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and Camus’ The Myth of SisyphusMohammed Seghir HALIMI; Dadene, Idris El-Mahdi; Mihoubi, Aboubakar
2017The Ideal Self versus the Real Self in Morrison’s The Bluest Eye: valorization of Black FemalesMohammed Seghir HALIMI; Nour-El Imane HADJADJ; Soumia IATARIEN
2018The Metaphor of Mother in David Diop’s Poem AfricaMohammed Seghir HALIMI; Mohamed Abd-Essamad BABA AMI
Jun-2017The Sense of Humanity and the Quest for Social Horizontality in Hughes’ I, TooKhaoula HAKKOUM; Mohammed Seghir HALIMI
Jun-2018Towards a Horizontal Critical Literary Reading of Hughes’ and Angelou’s PoemsKhaoula HAKKOUM; Mohammed Seghir HALIMI