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Title: الأحزاب السياسية و التنمية المحلية في الجزائر
Authors: قاسم ميلود
أحمد حمزة, قعمور
Keywords: الأحزاب السياسية
التنمية المحلية
Issue Date: 12-Nov-2013
Series/Report no.: 2013;
Abstract: The local development is the real foundation that should be built to achieve a global and national progress, so the political parties have to control the local politics and its concreting on the ground to detect the defects of local administration as the developed countries do. The importance of following programs has been clearly shown in the unique party era; one party represents the state. Although, during the political transition that Algeria has experienced this role has terribly retreated and parties were no longer with the controlling procedures but to attend some occasions as elections and useless events such opening session of local councils whose the role is folkloric; effecting the local development ,showing the parties politics futility. For the regime based on centralization that lead local councils contrarily to what is adopted by state. Thus, the local interest is left behind and political decisions have been just a dead letter. In order to achieve this ,the role of parties should be activated and its mechanisms should go with democratic change .since parties have no value, even locally, if they do not concrete the control on local authorities.
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