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Title: ظاهرة الاحتجاجات و مسار الاصلاحات السياسيةفي الجزائر
Authors: كروشي, فتيحة
شليغم غنية
Keywords: ظاهرة الاحتجاجات
مسار الاصلاحات السياسية
Issue Date: 12-Nov-2013
Series/Report no.: 2013;
Abstract: Comlining Moveents are considers as one of the must important ways of social movements ,as they allow people to express their needs throwgh strikes and demons and trtions . complaining movemente appeared in 1960 as a way to chang in to in to the best or to improve the social situations in order to achieve politicol amenents . In Algeria ,complaining movement were spread and knaown with the mental conflict abont in 1979 and the complaining about the Amazigh langwage and identity since April 1980 to 2001 when an official Languge . In addition to these movements there were the crisis of October1988 that spoke abaut the best , the anthouity wishes in changing the situations to the best ,thus , there were a con stitutional modificaatio in 1988 . In1989 there were what is called multiplicity in Algeria , when the " Islamic Front For Save " squeezed the an htority through strikes and demonstattion To convey the citizens , wiches and aims which are the changing of bad bivring cituations ,these mouvement made Algeria live in an enpty circlen and in disorder In 2011, Algeria witnessed some social complaiing movement which were wnsupportes by the anthorty . In2012 peple want to change in to the best through strikes and demonstrations but without any ressult.
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