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Title: PMHS-TBAF إرجاع الأحماض الامينية باستعمال
Authors: دريد, محمد الحبيب
صخري لخضر
Keywords: Reduction
amino acidse
Issue Date: 21-Nov-2008
Series/Report no.: 2008;
Abstract: The clevelopment of methocls ancl rrechanisnrs tor salb and clean reduction is stitl a vast area fbr scientiflc researches' ht 1997 N. J. Lau,rence and co-worl(ers reported tire conveltient procedr,rre fbr eduction of esters ,Carboxylic acicls , ketones , and aldehydes using tetra Lruty'larnmoniun fluoride (TBAF) and polymetiryll-rydrosiloxane (PMHS) to the corresponding alcohols' We now fbund that pol1, methyl hydro siloxane in cornbination rvith cataly'tic TBAF is excellent reducing agent tbr the mild reduction of amino acids to tlie con'esponding amino alcohols and high yields were obtained under ieoeal conditiolls.
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