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Title: Zizyphus Lotus مساهمة في الدراسة الفيتوكيميائية وتقدير الفعالية المضادة للبكتيريا وللتآكل لمستخلص نبات
Authors: دادة موسى ،بلخير
عياشي عمر, نور الهدى
Keywords: zizyphus lotus , Phytochemistry, chromatography , flavonoid , inhibition ,
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: جامعــة قاصــدي مربــاح ورقلــة
Abstract: The aim of this study was to get Initial investigation of medicinal plant called zizyphus lotus, which used in the treatment of many diseases in traditional medicine . Chromatographic studies of butanol extract showed that there is great possibility of existence of flavonoid compounds such as flavone, flavonol, dihydroflavone and chalcone … etc. On other hand, we have investigated the efficiency of acid extract ( inhibition of carbonic steel ( concentration of zizyphus lotus leaves extract, reaching a maximum value of 86.82.% It could also be concluded from the range of R % the antibacterial effectiveness study of butanol extract and ethyl acetate gave medium values for some bacterium.
Description: كیمیاء مطبقة
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