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Title: تقييم نظام مراقبة التسيير من خلال لوحات القيادة" دراسة حالة للمؤسسة snviالوطنية للسيارات الصناعية وحدة ورقلة
Authors: hamani, mariam
سويسي هواري
Keywords: evaluation
management control
driving boards
Issue Date: 26-Jun-2013
Series/Report no.: 2013;
Abstract: The study, which is in our hands to know the evaluation system of management control in the enterprise and by leadership boards, where the most enterprises seek to use this tool efficiently and effectively and to preserve the thong lick system of management control.and, therefore, we have to drop the theory national institution industrial Car -Ouargla, in order to know whether the leadership boards in the institution truly contribute to the evaluation of management control system in the enterprise, and of the results that have been reached by it became clear that the words of digital scales , this means that the leadership boards in the institution does not play its role of correcting distortions and differences and take action.
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