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Title: Méthodologie de l’estimation krigeante des éléments de terres rares dans les minerais de phosphates : Application préliminaire sur le gisement de Bled El Hadba (Djebel Onk –Tébessa, NE Algérie)
Authors: TATA, Khalifa
Keywords: Phosphorite
, Rare earth
Issue Date: 12-Sep-2019
Series/Report no.: 2019;
Abstract: In addition to phosphorus, sedimentary phosphorites contain other trace elements that can represent a valorization of mining ore as a by-product. Phosphorite in the Tébessa deposit, like all phosphorite occurrences in northern Africa, contains concentrations of rare earth element (REE). The objective of this work is focused on suggesting a methodology for the estimation of REEs in the Bled El-Hadba deposit at Djebel Onk (Tebessa, NE Algeria). Due to the absence of REE analyses in the studied deposit; the suggested method is based on the use of available data from phosphorites of Tunisia having the same geological, geochemical and paleogeographic context as the Bled El Hadba deposit. The objective is to establish a simple linear regression and then estimate the REEs* in the cores of the studied location. The estimated REE contents will be used for a local geostatistical estimation of REE at 3D in the main layer. This processing consists of the calculation and the fitting of the vertical and 3D horizontal variograms then the Ordinary Kriging will be established in 3D blocks 100 m * 20 m * 10m which will be mapped by level.
Description: UNIVERSITE KASDI MERBAH – OUARGLA FACULTÉ DES HYDROCARBURES, DES ÉNERGIES RENOUVELABLES ET DES SCIENCES DE LA TERRE ET DE L’UNIVERS DEPARTEMENT DES SCIENCES DE LA TERRE ET DE L’UNIVERSONO Mémoire de Master Académique Domaine : Sciences de la Terre et de l’Univers Filière : Géologie Spécialité : Géologie des Bassins Sédimentaires
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