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Title: Saving Metaphor in Translation Problematic Areas Encountered in Translating the "Green Mile" Novel Metaphors
Authors: Hanane BOUFNIK
Keywords: Metaphor
the"Gren Mile" novel
Issue Date: 3-Sep-2014
Series/Report no.: 2014;
Abstract: It is true that all of us, not just poets, speak in metaphors whether we realize it or not. Metaphors are widely used in context to describe personal meanings. Metaphors are used in everyday language not just in literary and poetic language as we believe. Translators have always paid attention to this topic because they usually face problems in translating metaphors, The present study explores the relationship between metaphor and culture; it aims at investigating the cultural problems of rendering metaphor in a language in which it was not written first. Based on the "Green Mile"; a novel written by Stephen (1996), this research illustrates cultural aspects, the used strategies in the translation of the novel metaphors.
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