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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2013T.S. Eliot and Reader-Response Criticism MissLeila Bellour
7-Nov-2016Target Situation Needs Analysis:Exploring the Linguistic Needs of ESP Learners The Case of Learners of Audio Visual at the National Vocational Training Institute in OuarglaGOUAREH, Keltoum; CHAIB, Soumaya
27-Jun-2018A Task Based Approach to Teaching English Intonation Patterns in Oral Performance Case study: Second Year Licence Students at KMUOMeddah, Aicha; Labed, Meriem; Mrs.Saadoune, Farida
18-Jun-2018A Task Based Approach to Teaching Formulaic Expressions in Oral Performance The Case of Second Year Undergraduate Students of English at KMUOHamid ouadjana, brahim; Bouhamed, Sabrine; Dr.Drid, Touria
3-Jun-2018A Task-Based Approach to Teaching Tenses in Oral PerformanceBahaz, Selma; Bedjegha, Waffa; Dr.Drid, Touria
12-Nov-2019Tatouage numérique aveugle par LSB replacementBASSIMANE. Rihab, HAFOUDA. Amira; KHALDI Amine.
29-Oct-2016Tatouage numérique fragile pour l’authentification d’imagesTRABELSI, IMENE; MAAMRI, HALIMA
29-Oct-2016Tatouage numérique robuste (watermarking) par LSB (Least Significant Bit)Ismailia, imane; Smaili, nadjet
15-Mar-2020Tattoos at the prisoner and his evidence of repressed sexual tendenciesسرار عائشة
3-Nov-2020Taux des vitamines B9 et B12 et corrélation biochimique chez les femmes à risque suites de couche dans la région de OuarglaCHINE, Racha; BENBAHI, Chaima; ABBAS, Amel
2014The Tax harmonization in open regionalism The European model.Mouloud MELIKAOUI
4-Mar-2019Taxonomy of Community Models and Applications in Complex NetworksDiboune, Abdelhani; Nacer, Hassina; Bey Kadda, Beghdad
30-Jun-2019Teachers’ Beliefs about Teaching Phrasal Verbs The Case of English Department Teachers at KasdiMerbah University of OuarglaDoufene, Madjid; CHELGHOUM, Naima
30-Jun-2019Teachers’ Beliefs about Teaching Phrasal Verbs The Case of English Department Teachers at KasdiMerbah University of OuarglaCHELGHOUM, Naima; D.DOUFENE, Madjid
31-Aug-2021The Teacher’s reality during COVID-19 Pandemic between Quarantine and Intellectual ProductionRamla Nasri
Jun-2010Teaching a Beginning French Course Through Two Different MethodsRajai Al-Khanji; Narjes Ennaser
2021Teaching and the Politics of Virtual Language UseYassmine Boukhalkhal
17-Nov-2013Teaching Business English Vocabulary through Reading: A Discourse Analysis PerspectiveBENHAOUED, Hakima
19-Sep-2017Teaching Connectives: A Discourse Analysis Approach The case of First Year Master Students in Linguistics at KMUOLADJIMIi, GADI
2021Teaching English Pronunciation through Storytelling ApproachNadia Ghounane