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Title: 10 - 1999- 1999- 1999- 1999، 1999- 1999.
Authors: مبارك, هاواري صلاح الدين
بنتايكا, HAITHEM
هادجاب, رياض
Keywords: ملامح السرعة
أنولو غريب الأطوار
تدفق غير نيوتوني
CFD سي إم سي
Issue Date: 2019
Series/Report no.: 2019;
Abstract: Turbulent non-Newtonian flows are often encountered in the oil and gas industry. These fluids are used in the drilling of oil wells to transport the cuttings to the surface, and to keep solids in suspension during stationary periods. In directional drilling, where an eccentric annulus is often used, there is a tendency for the cuttings to accumulate in the narrowest gap where the velocity is lowest. Since turbulence tends to suppress such accumulation, knowledge of the velocity profiles in the annulus are essential in the design and operation of these drills. In this work, a numerical simulation using the FLUENT code has been performed, essentially presenting the axial and tangential velocity profiles of the non-Newtonian fluid through an eccentric annular space. On the other hand, to validate the adopted mathematical model the numerical results are compared with experimental results available in the literature.
Description: RÉPUBLIQUE ALGÉRIENNE DÉMOCRATIQUE ET POPULAIRE MINISTÈRE DE L’ENSEIGNEMENT SUPÉRIEURET DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE UNIVERSITE DE KASDI MERBAH OUARGLA Faculté des Hydrocarbures, des Energies Renouvelables, des Sciences de la Terre et de l’Univers Département de Forage et mécaniques des chantiers pétroliers MEMOIRE MASTER PROFESSIONNEL Domaine: Hydrocarbures Filière: Hydrocarbures Spécialité: Forage
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