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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2022Criminal protection of the secrecy of electronic communications and theلخضاري فاط مٌة الزهرة
31-Jan-2022Electronic scientific publishing facing copyrightخوادجية سميحة حنان
31-Jan-2022New mechanisms or concluding public deals under Presidential Decree No. 15-247دحوان وحود
31-Jan-2022Alternative penalties and it’s permissibility for pardon in Algerian lawبومدين مفاتيح
31-Jan-2022Preventive approach to protect delinquent childhood from the dangers of belonging to street gangsمحمَّد شريَّط
31-Jan-2022Electronic espionage as a serious crime to state security in the Algerian legislationإلهام بن خليفة; جمال غريسي
31-Jan-2022Formalismin the electronic salescontract: validation-basedor contractualization-basedمحمود حياة
31-Jan-2022The substantive provisions for the crime of embezzlement in the private sectorمبروك بوخزنة; السعيد خويلدي
31-Jan-2022Equality of investments: Between the explicit declaration as guarantee and the implicit concealment as restrictionنقيب نسرين
31-Jan-2022Title of the article (The role of the tax records in proving the crime of tax evasion)أولاد سالم عبد الرؤوف; قر شٌ محمد
31-Jan-2022Commitment To Ensuring The Safety Of Food ManufacturedWithNanotechnologyمحمد بكار
31-Jan-2022Intercompany agreements within a Corporate Groupكمال كهٌنة
31-Jan-2022The incentives garanted to investors in the algerian investment lawمقران خلود; معيزة صبرينة
31-Jan-2022Exercising freedom of expression in exceptional circumstances under Algerian legislationروابح سعد
31-Jan-2022Analytical study of the provisions of the legal system for administrative responsibility in Algerian legislationابراهيم بوعمرة
31-Jan-2022The specificity of assigning criminal responsibility for participation in customs crimesرحماني حسيبٌة
31-Jan-2022The authority of the contractor service to amend the public transaction Between appreciation and restrictionبن دعاس سهام
31-Jan-2022Competition compliance programs and the requirements for their implementationبدوي عبد الجليلٌ
31-Jan-2022The rentier state crisis in Algeria in 2014: from expanded spending to policy of rationalization of public spendingصدٌيقًي رفٌيق
31-Jan-2022Health Security for illegal immigrants a case study of Yemenبرناوي أسماء; طيبي محمد بلهاشمي الأمين
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 39